The lifeblood of any business online or offline is of course the number of  customers that the owner is able to attract and persuade to buy.

For online businesses, a large proportion of people who look at a sales or affiliate website will never spend any money or even become a member.

Your biggest effort must go to getting your core information in front of them and then winning their interest enough to ask for more details.

This is LISTBUILDING and my primary aim in creating this blog is to help others create their lists.

There are many millions of affiliate sites out there, often many thousands for just one business, so why would a person interested in the product or service on offer, then visit one replicated site rather than another? It all depends on the ability of the affiliate to attract visitors and there are many ways to create that attraction.

This site is about my strategy to get visitors to my sites and how I get them to sign up in my downlines. You will find info about the systems and methods I use, technical info and review info about creating ads, driving traffic and converting leads to customers.

I don’t promise anywhere to make you rich by the end of the month or even the end of the year. It is all in your hands, choosing which bits of advice to put into action.  The better job you do, the more visitors and the more money you will earn.

What I do promise is that if you follow my strategies and advice you will definitely start to build a list that will be the foundation of your success.

So go on, dip in and I sincerely hope that the information I provide will help your online business thrive and grow.  Your next step is my first blog post.