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New information for you!

Today, bringing you updates about Karatbars and also something brand new you may like to look at.

Even if you think you know all about Karatbars, I would urge you to take a look at the new video because it IS different and it IS worth your while.

A lot of affiliate businesses are finding it hard going to find new customers and are looking at new approaches.

What we would say to you is this.

Do you have debt that you would like to reduce or eliminate?

Do you need more money every month – does your income run out before the month does, leaving you at the mercy of expensive credit cards and loans.

If the answer to either of those is yes, then could you spare just 15 minutes to watch the video and find out how to earn a PASSIVE income every month.

Just go to

Ok, so if you have now watched the video, there is something I should say.  It gives the impression that you HAVE to buy a business package right away.  Actually that isn’t mandatory. You CAN join as an affiliate, put your toe in the water and not buy your package until you actually find some customers, so the package price funds itself. That’s what I did when I first joined.  IF you are keen, and IF you have the money in the bank, then it makes sense to do it from day 1 because you’ll earn more commission – just so you know.

Also, you don’t have to buy a package to JUST be a Karatbars customer and buy gold as a savings product.  We just ask that you upload your info so we know that you are from a country that Karatbars can do business with.

On another topic entirely, I have also recently become an affiliate for a range of products containing cannabis oil. don’t worry, this isn’t a drug, it is legal in many countries (you can check on site) and you won’t be getting high. However there are a lot of health benefits as you will see if you visit the site by clicking on this banner.

Love CBD
All the best – don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about Karatbars or the CBD products.


Karatbank Coin – New ICO

Karatbank ICO represents a new venture for the Karatbank/Karatbars family and new ways to participate and earn as an affiliate from the group.

It provides a cryptocurrency that is backed by gold!

For those new to the whole Karatbars gold idea, the move is now to create a real payment system that anyone can use worldwide. So far, cryptocurrencies have failed to really catch on as a payment system because of their volatility, and the lack of stable facilities to do so.  Just a few months ago, you could get a Bitcoin backed prepaid card. Now the card providers have pulled out, leaving many with no means to spend what they own and an asset declining in value.

The Karatbars App – downloadable for Apple and Android provides the route to actually pay people for goods and services.

To sum up.  As a customer and a saver, you have the option to buy the ‘traditional’ Karatbars products, the cards and Cashgold (which looks like a banknote with real gold embedded in it).  Find out more via

You can also buy into the ICO, link coming, but please first read this to ensure that you understand exactly what you are buying.

Karatbank Coin Whitepaper

As a potential affiliate, for traditional Karatbar products – watch the video then follow the link to sign up here  –

To register as an affiliate for the cryptocurrency offering, you need to sign up separately.

Now here is the icing on the cake.  If you are ONLY signing up for the ICO, on the above link, you can ONLY buy with BTC/ETH cryptocurrency and you will get no extra tokens over and above what you pay for.

If you register on or before 18th March 2018 as a full KARATBARS affiliate FIRST,  or you are already a Karatbars affiliate and you now join to buy into the ICO on the link above, then you will get EXTRA TOKENS!  You do this by buying Cashgold first, then purchasing your tokens with the Cashgold option as and when it becomes available which SHOULD be on or before 18th March 2018.

I only just found this out and thought it was essential to add it to the information here in this post.

Please note that there are countries where signing up directly is restricted (USA, Canada for example, but all is not lost and my sponsor can advise about other options open to you) – please ask for advice – sign to my blog subscription  form top right and you will get my direct contact information.  If you are serious about building a Karatbars business you will get my Skype and FB messenger, so you can get in touch with me any time and I can help you.

Finally today, I would just like to give a shout out to my exceptional Karatbars sponsor,  upline Brian McGinty.  Brian is an absolutely stellar affiliate and has built a huge Karatbars business which doubled in size last year.  If you register as an affiliate for Karatbars, Karatbank Coin through me, you will automatically get his regular newsletters and training which will be invaluable to you in building a business – you will not be alone!

Gold for 2018

So far as savers are concerned, the Western economy is still flat and there are few gains to be made by sticking to conventional savings routes like bank and building society accounts.  Shares are considered too risky for many people and too difficult to manage.

Even property is not making substantial gains in the UK and USA unless you can afford to invest in a real premium area like a capital city or a development area.

The UK Government are trying to expand the number of new homes built and to some extent they are clamping down on buy to let but it is still profitable to a degree.  The emphasis is more and more on affordable homes where the rental profits are not so high. However most savers are just not in that market.

Many people still think gold is about going to a bullion dealer and coming home with gold bars which then need secure storage. Karatbars is NOT like that!

You can invest in small amounts of gold which comes in values that ordinary people who can afford to put less than £100 GBP a month away, can still go for. It comes in a format like a credit card which you can easily store securely at home or there are options for Karatbars to store your gold for you if you wish.

This is not a short term or get rich quick option at least not at the moment. Gold is for the long term, it makes a great saving option for a child for instance or as part of a pension plan.

Karatbars also have a very unique crypto currency offering which has only just emerged. I’ll post more details of that in the coming days when I get to know it better myself.

My offering is to potential savings customers and also to people who want to join a reputable company to build a home based business with an absolutely foolproof and attractive product.

Please take a look here in the first instance.

How to get a free done-for-you website from Instaffiliate

Do you dream of having a ready made really attractive website that really sucks traffic and commissions linked up to your Clickbank account ? Could you make such a site on your own?

Just imagine that all the bells and whistles are already in place, the SEO is done, they site is keyword optimized and monetized. All YOU have to do is promote it.

Now imagine that someone wants to give you this site – totally FREE. You’re dreaming right? 

Well I’m pretty good at making simple websites and blogs, but the technology that these sites contain is another step beyond me. So, I was delighted when I found Instaffiliate on IBO Toolbox.  It was an ordinary day and I was just clicking on a few listing ads so that I could get my ad credits. And then I found this. I was amazed and so will you be.

What is even better is that a) you can find out at no cost whatever if it will work for you and b) for every free Instaffiliate site you GIVE away, you get $5. Isn’t that fantastic?

I ONLY started advertising my referral site myself this afternoon and already I have several sales.

Check it out for yourself and get your free site here

Instaffiliate gives you your referral page AND several links to a ready built personalized site in the womens’ health and wellness sector. I’m sure you know that this is one of the most searched for and lucrative niches online. This is just ONE of my free links. Now that is a really beautiful site. It would have taken me weeks to set that up. And, it’s only ONE of several links that I got totally free.

On this page are links to Clickbank products. When you get buyers, it is YOUR clickbank account which will benefit as the links come pre-coded with your Clickbank ID.

So all you have to do is to drive traffic to these links. And of course, you are on IBO, the very BEST place to be able to do that. Just set up an ad, and use your free ad credits to drive people to click on your links. Use the dashboard to further promote your links. Use a mixture of links to your referral site and to your free health and wellness site.

Once you have your first free site, you’ll be able to access special offers to extend your reach with additional sites in other attractive and popular niches – all automatically tied to your Clickbank account. And, think about this. Let’s suppose that your visitor doesn’t buy today. They view your health and wellness site, but they don’t buy. Depending on their PC set up, those viewers could go to a totally unrelated site WEEKS later and buy another product. And when they do, it is very likely that they will still be linked up to YOUR account via their cookies. You see despite what they hear and see online, most people very rarely clear their cookies and browsing data, so this is how it can happen and earn you extra money that you NEVER expected or pursued.

Now you have this information, what are you going to do with it?  The very LEAST you should do is prove it to yourself that you can get an Instaffiliate account with your own referral link AND your own health and wellness commission sucking site. You aren’t going to pay for it, so why not take a look?

If you are new to internet marketing, this is the very best start you can get. You don’t have to worry about programming, SEO, monetizing or any of that stuff because it’s DONE FOR YOU here on Instaffiliate.

This is where you need to go to get started.

Link, share, curate, consolidate

Most people with a few years’ experience in network marketing will find themselves creating a presence online in a number of different ways. For instance, I have this blog, my personal Facebook account PLUS a business page, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ an IBO Toolbox account, a page on and a LinkedIn account.

I already often curate and share content between the blog and IBO by re-purposing what I write in one place, for the other. This article is a good example.

Yesterday I wrote a new PR over on IBO about the wisdom of buying gold as a savings product due to the jitteriness of world financial markets. This is a curated quote and link and I hope you will go and read it – but after you read the rest of my post here!

The threat is that the value of your savings in traditional holdings like bank deposits and stocks and shares (and linked securities like UK ISAs) is going to decline very suddenly and very seriously. If you are looking at retirement in the next year or two, then this could be of very great concern to you. Your projected retirement income could be slashed and you could be looking at a future with not enough money to last your lifetime.

Wake up, or Lose Out, IBOSocial PR

I don’t want to copy it word for word over here and Google won’t like it if I do.
As a method of creating  your brand, linking your online places together in this way can really pay dividends and improve your business image.

Other ways I can draw attention to my PR/post:

  • Tweet about it
  • Create a Pinterest pin that links to it
  • Post about it on Google+
  • Update your Facebook status with a link to it
  • Use the same tags/keywords across all your references

People are more likely to remember you and trust you if your name keeps popping into their online experience – and they will also remember why you are online and what you are promoting,  to the extent it is very likely that they will subscribe to an offer or visit an affiliate site – exactly what you are aiming for.

Golden gifts for golden occasions

In an earlier post on this blog here I talked about joining Karatbars as a business. I now want to show you how you can buy the Karatbars gold products as gifts for your friends and family as a customer, and to show you some examples of the lovely gold cards that you can buy for your special occasions.
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A change of direction

Since I joined Contact List Builder and became an active member, I have been promoting BodyByVi health and diet products as my ‘primary’ business.  I have taken the decision to change this to Karatbars.

BBV still make good products and I still use them. However, I have decided that Karatbars is a more attractive proposition with a potentially much wider audience. A few days ago, I notified everyone on my CLB mailing list of the change, and I have to  say that I had a good result.

Several people who hadn’t been active in my CLB line contacted me to ask about it and are keen to join when they can. I hope to be seeing some early commissions in there.

Find out more from this video, then read on to find out how you can join.

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Do cultural differences affect the way you do business?

I’m a Brit OK?  We British have a reputation for being reserved in our dealings with other people.  Maybe that’s wrong and maybe it’s right but I feel that in my business and in my personal life, there are lines not to cross and places I should not go when talking to other people.

Recently that led to coming smack up against a business colleague who evidently thinks that I am being negative and something of a wimp and because of that I’m losing out on potential business. I have to disagree and this blog post is about the two sides of that argument.

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