Gold for 2018

So far as savers are concerned, the Western economy is still flat and there are few gains to be made by sticking to conventional savings routes like bank and building society accounts.  Shares are considered too risky for many people and too difficult to manage.

Even property is not making substantial gains in the UK and USA unless you can afford to invest in a real premium area like a capital city or a development area.

The UK Government are trying to expand the number of new homes built and to some extent they are clamping down on buy to let but it is still profitable to a degree.  The emphasis is more and more on affordable homes where the rental profits are not so high. However most savers are just not in that market.

Many people still think gold is about going to a bullion dealer and coming home with gold bars which then need secure storage. Karatbars is NOT like that!

You can invest in small amounts of gold which comes in values that ordinary people who can afford to put less than £100 GBP a month away, can still go for. It comes in a format like a credit card which you can easily store securely at home or there are options for Karatbars to store your gold for you if you wish.

This is not a short term or get rich quick option at least not at the moment. Gold is for the long term, it makes a great saving option for a child for instance or as part of a pension plan.

Karatbars also have a very unique crypto currency offering which has only just emerged. I’ll post more details of that in the coming days when I get to know it better myself.

My offering is to potential savings customers and also to people who want to join a reputable company to build a home based business with an absolutely foolproof and attractive product.

Please take a look here in the first instance.

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