A change of direction

Since I joined Contact List Builder and became an active member, I have been promoting BodyByVi health and diet products as my ‘primary’ business.  I have taken the decision to change this to Karatbars.

BBV still make good products and I still use them. However, I have decided that Karatbars is a more attractive proposition with a potentially much wider audience. A few days ago, I notified everyone on my CLB mailing list of the change, and I have to  say that I had a good result.

Several people who hadn’t been active in my CLB line contacted me to ask about it and are keen to join when they can. I hope to be seeing some early commissions in there.

Find out more from this video, then read on to find out how you can join.

So, what is Karatbars?  And why should you choose it as a means of saving or as a great gift. ?  We have already have one near disastrous international financial meltdown. If there was another one, it is doubtful if the IMF or national banks could withstand it. Countries are still defaulting on their bond loans and there is still a lot of unemployment and hardship in some of the ones who are worst hit. The only real hedge against any financial disaster is gold itself.

Karatbars offers you different ways to participate in the business. You can start as a free affiliate and make commissions from your sales to earn your way in or you can become a full marketer immediately. It’s not the cheapest business to get into but many will believe that it is worth the investment.

You may also wish just to be a Karatbars customer to start your personal savings or to give a Karatbars product as a unique and valuable gift for Christmas, a birthday or other special event. It’s amazingly good value compared with other methods of buying small quantities of gold.

Join Karatbars as a customer or free affiliate here.

Just a quick word about a couple of other things to benefit your online businesses.  Here’s a great little site where you can find a ton of promo codes that give you extra mailing credits at different TE and safelist sites across the internet – your favourites could be here on TrafficCodex – there are literally thousands of dollars worth of free advertising to be had and updates every day. It’s also a gigantic downline builder so if you join this, and promote it,  you’ll also be promoting all the sites inside where you have submitted your affiliate ID.  Good use of the time it takes you to put them all in!

I like to support my networking friends and mention when they launch a new site. This one from Sunny Suggs is a new safelist site with some interesting features – and yes, there is a promo code on TrafficCodex  to give you a head start so you could choose to join from there, or directly, you will get your code anyway.

Sunny’s new site is literally only hours old as I write and doesn’t yet have thousands of members but I had a referral from there from my very first  mailing, so worth joining and mailing now for the new eyeballs on your ads. The new safelist is called MyFreeResources and the upgrade prices are very attractive.

Have an ABUNDANT day in your marketing life!

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