Essential reading – GDPR Compliance

You will note that on the right hand side of each page of this website there is a contact form.  

If you complete this or you have completed it in the past, the ONLY information I hold about you is your name and your email address and the ONLY purpose this is held is to bring you notices about new posts and pages on this website and updates about new business opportunities that you may be interested in. 

Please note,  there is no way that my website or the actual form can secretly collect or record any other information about you  while you are on the site – not even your IP address.

Your name and email address will NEVER be sold on to third parties or used for any purpose not stated above.

There will be ample opportunity to unsubscribe yourself from my list on any email that you receive.

Currently, if you complete the contact form, information is held on a list processor system in the USA run by a company called GVO, but it may be transferred to Mailchimp at a later date. You will be informed if and when this change occurs.

If you believe you have unsubscribed but you are still getting emails from me, then please email me direct at jenny(dot)fletcher190451(at)gmail(dot)com.

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