Welcome to a new page and a new chapter in my life – and maybe yours too.

The benefits of the hemp family of plants have been known for thousands of years. Hemp has many industrial uses such as fabric and rope but the health benefits were also known about as far back as the ancient Egyptians – at least.

Some of the hemp family also have psychoactive abilities and for that reason, they are illegal in many countries where they are regarded as ‘dangerous’ drugs.

More recent technology has given the ability to separate out and remove all or most of the psychoactive compounds leaving behind the health giving ones, which are broadly known as CBDs – cannabinoids.  Some of the health benefits claimed are stress and anxiety reduction, pain reduction, better sleep and many more.

I have tried and can vouch for some of these benefits and for that reason, I have decided to go ahead with a brand new business venture and to invite others to join me.

The company I have chosen has up to now only been available to join in the USA and  Canada but it is now fully live in the UK – England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland, the Republic of Ireland and Sweden. More countries will be added later in the year. (NB Not all products are currently available in Canada.

Some products utilise other plant extracts for skin care, weight loss and other benefits.  The CBD range has expanded include products with none of the psychoactive elements (THC) at all.

Some similar products you will find on the market, including one (from another company) that I use myself, do have small but acceptable amounts of THC for sale in the UK. This can present a problem if you work in a job or industry where you are regularly drug tested as even the tiny amounts can test positive.

Fantastic Product Brochure Video
CTFO offers the BEST products on planet earth! Watch the following video explaining the products, and then sign up at the above sign-up page!

Of course I hope that in time, that the UK Government will find a way to licence all cannabis products for medical use but that is for the future. I also hope that it is done in a way that the big pharmaceutical companies can’t get their claws into it for profit.

As a home based business, CTFO is great. They have a unique and copyrighted compensation plan, competitive prices and a product range that is second to none in this industry.  Because of the rapidly increasing interest in CBD products, this is the PERFECT TIME to get involved.

Where the majority of  opportunities like this charge you to sign up, charge you a monthly membership fee AND insist that you make regular autuoship purchases,  CTFO will come as a nice surprise. 

  – FREE to sign up
  – NO monthly fees
  – NO autoship

And of course  if you just want to be a customer and order the products – you will be most welcome!

At the very least, I would LOVE you to take a look at the opportunity and let me know what you think.

No obligatory auto-ship for associates.

Hope to see you on my team very soon.

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