Golden gifts for golden occasions

In an earlier post on this blog here I talked about joining Karatbars as a business. I now want to show you how you can buy the Karatbars gold products as gifts for your friends and family as a customer, and to show you some examples of the lovely gold cards that you can buy for your special occasions.

In the past, buying small quantities of gold – as small as a gram – has been difficult and expensive, especially in the West. In India and Middle Eastern countries it is somewhat easier but non-residents need to be careful that they are getting fair prices and then when they come to want to sell some of their investment gold, the same difficulties arise.

Karatbars have solved this by embedding small 1 gram slivers into a credit card size holder. You can also buy 2.5 and 5 gram cards in a plain design as an investment for yourself but the gift cards, collector cards and country cards are all 1 gram.

You need to check the shop prices as of course they will vary with the price of gold and current shipping costs added for where you live. On the day of writing, the wedding card is just under $80 (special artist edition) and the other 1 gram cards are $74.

(NB You also need to check that your country is one that Karatbars are shipping to.  Currently there are over 200 active countries. This info is on the shop site.)

There are cards for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, new babies just to mention a few.  To see the whole range and buy them, you need to go to this link.

This is just a selection of the beautiful cards on offer.

The new wedding card

Karatbars wedding card

The USA card

Karatbars USA card

Thank you card

Karatbars thank you card


Baby card

Karatbars baby card
Christmas gold edition

Karatbars Christmas Card

World Cup 2014

Karatbars World Cup card
The Congratulations card
Karatbars congratulations card

The Classic 1 gram card

Classic card


You may find people who say ‘Karatbars prices are too high’ – but they are trying to compare with the spot price for gold. In reality, you cannot buy one gram more economically. There are places that say you can, but you will quickly find out that they won’t ship you such a small quantity or they don’t have Karatbars guarantees of quality and the assurance of an established company. Here is another video, specifically about Karatbars pricing.

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