About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Jenny Fletcher and I am now a  full time internet marketer.

After a career in IT which spanned the very first office-based computers right up to the adoption of web technology, I was forced by illness to retire early. I knew there was money to be made online and I began for look for ways to achieve it. Although I love the technical side of setting up websites and blogs,  and discovering new Internet technology I also wanted to do something new.

As the internet developed and became more widely used, so did internet based business. It became possible not only to profit from selling your own product or service, but also from promoting other people’s businesses in different ways.

Various models of multi-level marketing already existed offline. Some had gone the wrong way and had become illegal pyramid schemes which were subsequently closed down, but many legitimate and well known products that had formerly been directly promoted from person to person and via party plans – think Avon, Amway, Mary Kay and Kleeneze – now started also looking to the internet for promotion and sales.

I was on new territory here. I had never sold anything very much in my life and I made awful mistakes, both in choosing products to promote and also in learning how to promote and consequently didn’t make more than a pittance for several years, a poor result for all the effort.

Within the last few months, I encountered both a product I really believed in and wanted to promote, and also a real system and method of promoting and gaining training and marketing knowledge.   My first ‘sticky’ post will tell you more.

On a personal note, I am divorced  and live in the south of the UK, in fact about as far south as you can get apart from the Isle of Wight. The nearest bit of sea is only mminutes away and before my arthritis got too bad, I did a lot of sailing on it!

These days, apart from my marketing work, I love to cook, I am a member of University of the Third Age (learning Italian, exploring Science and Technology and sampling the world’s wines in a Wine Appreciation group). I read avidly and have a keen interest in politics and current affairs.

My age? You don’t ask a lady that question!