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How can you link from multiple Instagram posts to multiple destinations?

Instagram can be great for promoting any kind of business but it has one really annoying shortcoming – you can only have one link to another site, and it has to be from your bio page.

This limitation has been nagging me for some time, so today I decided to do some research into the issue.

I have already been using Later.com to schedule Instagram posts ahead of time, and that has Linkin.bio but unless you have the paid version, it doesn’t fully solve the problem.

One possible solution is to make a page on the site that you link to, which offers your visitor a number of possible solutions, where they would like to go next for more information, based on the post they came from.

However, I was looking for something more sophisticated, so I was really pleased to find this article which describes in detail, what the options are and how to decide which is right for your purposes.


I chose lnk.bio which is a really simple solution to set up and is already working well for me. I’m getting plenty of hits on that and because there are multiple destinations, my visitors can choose more than one to click to next.

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