How to attract and collect your leads

In today’s post, I’m going to give you a couple of alternatives for ways to build your list.

To start with you need an autoreponder, because that’s where your list members are going to end up. I mentioned the one I use in one of the follow ups if you have already joined my subscribers. However if you aren’t on my list, I’ll say it again.

I use GVO for the simple reason that it is cheaper for more features than some of the other popular autoresponders. Principal in those features is the fact I also get web hosting for this site. I get a load of other marketing help as well.  Autoresponders give you the ability to add form processing to your websites.

This is the link to follow to join GVO with autoresponder and free website hosting. Domain costs are extra but recommend that you register your domain elsewhere – e.g. GoDaddy as it can often be cheaper –

In WordPress terms what you see on the right hand side of this blog post is a ‘widget’. I can put text, linked images, code and more in widgets. In this case it’s code which collects the info that you put in the form.

I can also embed that code into a ‘splash page’ – also called a ‘lead page’ or ‘capture page’ and other names but the purpose is to put a picture or video in front of your prospective customer which they are sufficiently interested in, to  want to know more about the business or products you are offering.

Here are some examples of the pages that I use to attract people to find out more about Karatbars. This is a Splashwizard page that I created to promote Karatbars.

There are lots of different sites that offer you the possibility to create pages like  this. Many of them are part of marketing systems that you will pay a considerable monthly fee for, because of all their other features.

Others are JUST page creators. You have to decide what it is you want.

On the marketing system side, I would go for Kypron. If you want the whole nine yards of their marketing education, you’ll have to pay for it. If you just want the ability to create a page with an embedded form, it’s absolutely free. You’ll find plenty of information enabling you to build the form and add your code from your autoresponder and a lot of marketing training and information, even included in the free system.

I also pay to be a member of Carl Bailey’s Splashwizard. I could technically do without it and just use Kypron but I have a whole number of pages over there which are out on mailers and other advertising. The advantage of Splashwizard is that I think it is easier to learn and use than Kypron, and the lack of any other complicating functionality makes it fast. You can create a fully functional capture page in less than half an hour with this tool. You can give it a free trial too! Just see how easy it is to work with.

Both have attractive page backgrounds to choose from and layout flexibility for adding text boxes and forms. When you create the form code back in the GVO autoresponder you will have the option to add a tracking code, so that you can have different versions of your form in different pages so you can find out which advertising campaigns your leads are coming from.

To join Kypron –

To join Splashwizard –

Finally I should say that ALL of the links above have the ability to be part of your moneymaking efforts as well as being tools that you need to promote your  business. All of them have good commission structures and pay reliably so you aren’t only making money from your top level business, you are getting additional income from everything you do, every day. The SplashWizard forms are especially good at doing this as every form you create, has your affiliate link embedded in it, so even if the viewer isn’t interested in more info about what you
are promoting, they might well want to find out how you created that beautiful page in order to do the same for their business.

Have a great and productive day. Thanks for reading.

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