When the penny dropped

It’s very galling to look back and think how much time I have wasted trying to promote products and services without building a list. I’ve even overlooked previous offers to join Contact List Builder!   However, I have finally seen the light and realized the enormous value of what I am doing here. 

After seeing an ad for CLB at the end of last year, I finally decided to give it a try. What really impressed me was that it was a SYSTEM, not just another site that you promote to suck in leads and then they promote the exact same site. There are any number of those around. CLB is SO different from the point of view of the income streams it offers, and the level of support and training there for you at no cost whatever.
The Ready Set Go system shows you how you can choose your level of involvement and how much you spend to grow your business, so it really is within the reach of everyone no matter how tight their budget.

However it wasn’t until a recent training call, the program owner Janet Legere said something that really made me think.

“It’s a numbers game”

To put a context around this, we were talking about what you do when someone signs up into Contact List Builder and then never gets around to setting up their Ready Set Go system. Unless they unsubscribe, they will receive every follow up message you add to your autoresponder and any broadcasts you do to your entire team.

What many new people to CLB overlook is that you are not limited to the follow up messages that the system provides. You can keep adding to those messages forever, when you do a blog post for example, when there is a change to CLB or a new program, when you discover a new safelist or TE to promote to, etc., etc.

But here’s the real value. Even if they DO delete their CLB account and unsubscribe, they will still be physically on your list with their email details, so you can manually add them into other campaigns for other products and send them information. They will have to confirm into that new campaign but you have still contacted them with a new offer.

What you eventually end up with, is such a large list that statistically it is likely that if you send that many people info about something new and exciting you are promoting, some of them will sign up or at least ask for more info and so become subscribed to a new campaign.

This is the one single reason that so many marketing gurus tell you that the secret is in the list.

So, treat your subscribers like gold dust because the chances are, even if they don’t become your best CLB team member, they may in the future bring you an income from quite another source. Also, if you don’t bombard them with info every day, and make it of real value, you will gain their respect and they will be happy to read and use what you send.

So, if you are still undecided about whether you should go into Contact List Builder, remember that this team and list building structure is there for YOU to use and YOU to build YOUR ‘gold dust’ list for any purpose you want.

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