Did your autoresponder let you down?

A lot of people have had recent issues with autoresponders, in particular with the industry leader Aweber. I was clicking on safelist mail links and getting errors and 404s all over the place.  Not good for me or the advertiser.

What I heard was that they had a DDOS attack. So why should that worry you?   

Well, it means their whole system has security vulnerabilities.  And if your autoresponder is down, you can’t send advertising that links up with it and be certain that prospective customers can fill in your forms and get their information to you.

It could also mean that the data that they hold for you and your customers is not 100% secure. That really worries me. I already get a heap of spam and I don’t want any more. I don’t want my customers getting spam and thinking I sent it either.

Now Aweber is expensive, especially for newbies to internet marketing, and honestly you do NOT have to pay that kind of money. If you have just a few campaigns, you can get something more cost conscious.

Within the Contact List Builder system, we recommend that you use GVO Host Then Profit, and for advanced users, we also introduce Pure Leverage. Both include GVO’s very easy-to-use e-responder. And then your package includes hosting for 4 websites, a 5 seat conference room, a video creator and a blog builder. Plus a whole load of training and education. ALL this for less than $10 a month.

A reliable autoresponder is absolutely crucial to your efficiency as an internet marketer; you really cannot do without it because this is WHERE you build your list. It should be the hub around which all your marketing activities revolve.

So, if you think you are throwing money down the drain with Aweber or any other autoresponder that has let you down recently, maybe you should consider moving over to GVO. At least, you should check it out. It might save your business as well as saving you money.


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