Edna Bucket’s promotional YouTube video

Every day almost, while I am surfing traffic exchanges, I come across sites with videos that are a total and absolute turn-off.

If you are going to make a video to promote a product or service and you honestly want people to take you seriously and buy from you, then you had better wise up and SMARTEN UP. 

I’m not saying here that just because a man in a suit talks to me I am automatically going to believe what he says. I can think of several sites that feature men in suits whose manner is so repulsively slimy I wouldn’t touch them or their product with a 10 foot pole (no let’s make it 20!)

But here, if you think I am going to pay any money or attention to some unshaven slob lolling on a sofa with his cap on backwards and a can of beer in his hand, no, no,  absolutely not.

I don’t currently have any videos because I don’t think I look very good on camera. That is largely due to the horrific media pressure that informs (mainly men) that a woman is neither attractive or credible unless she is skinny to the point of anorexia and half naked. It wears you down. I personally know few women over 40 who don’t feel at least some of this pressure.

I’m not shy about saying that there is at least one ad doing the rounds that I’ve complained about to site owners because I believe it degrades women by showing a man with an obviously female figure half on his lap, but it cuts her top half off so you don’t see her face. It’s objectification of the worst kind in my opinion.

If I was going to make a video to promote Contact List Builder or any other product I would dress tidily, and brush my hair. I feel I owe it to the owners of the program I promote to show it is used and promoted by people with some self respect and integrity. By trying just a little bit to look clean, tidy and as if you thought about your personal impact and presentation, you are endorsing your product in the best way.

Think about what you can see in the background too. You don’t really want a houseplant apparently growing out of your head. Set up your webcam position with a little bit of care so that you look businesslike. Move the coffee cup and breakfast plate off your desk. Not sure about pets. You could end up looking like that famous Bond villain who always appeared with a fluffy cat on his lap.

At least, look in the mirror before you go in front of the camera and ask yourself whether YOU would buy from you.

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