What you want may not be what you need

Millions of people every year are suckered into network marketing by totally unrealistic promises of high incomes for very little effort.

They join what looks like a promising opportunity and are faced with a big monthly bill which they have to try to equalize by recruiting, and maybe a hefty chunk of money upfront as well. The fallout is very high when they start to hit problems finding new people to come into their business.

The people who own and run these businesses aren’t stupid. They know exactly what the fallout rate is and they can counter this by having big advertising budgets bought from the money our poor newbies provide. These owners won’t be sitting after midnight still clicking ads for credits or surfing traffic exchanges, that’s for sure.

The end result of this model is dissatisfaction and disillusionment with network marketing in general and accusations that everything is a scam.

It doesn’t HAVE to be like this.

Whalistbuildert new marketers actually NEED is a low entry cost and a simple system to promote. The low entry cost helps them attract more new people who won’t be put off by having to pay a lot of money and the simple system will help even the technically challenged to get started.

At the beginning, there will be more work while you put what income you have into advertising and joining programs to give you the tools that you need. If you can get over that ‘hump’ which may last as little as three or four months and be patient and persistent, then there’s a chance that you can build on your income to the point that it exceeds your outgoings.

The temptation is to look at the small rewards for your efforts and go chasing after some other ‘shiny object’ that promises you riches in a few weeks. The world does not work like that. Go back to square one!

Contact List Builder is a good example of a system where you can start for a low cost and control your outgoings while you build up an income. However even within CLB there can be pressures (real or perceived) from admin and other members that you should buy upgrades, or to buy into the more expensive programs before you are ready.  Resist the temptations,  and follow the steps to get set up in those programs  where you can join for free to start with.

If you are reading this and you came into CLB and then felt that it was too expensive for you to succeed, then take another look and work out exactly what you can afford from what is on offer. It’s possible to run and promote with little more than paying for your autoresponder (GVO is amazing value compared with big-ticket autoresponders like Aweber and Getresponse) – and maybe paying for Adkreator so you can make a variety of lead capture pages. The trck.me tracker is a nice-to-have and useful but there are free trackers out there.

If you are really strapped for cash, then it is even possible to run with free autoresponder services although you will have to modify the lead capture pages a little – contact me, I can give you some help and advice about that.

From the point of view of commissions, you only need a few people into GVO to make it self-funding and moving to in-profit. For CLB itself, the commission is an amazing 50% so it’s worthwhile upgrading when you start to have a good flow of people joining CLB with you. Adkreator also pays generous commissions and the discount price we get as CLB members when we upgrade makes it a very attractive proposition and worth advertising on its own.

Remember that even if 50% or more subscribers who join CLB with you, never develop as active members, the name of the game is building a list. The purpose of that list is to use it to market anything else that you want to put out there. Just because they didn’t stick with your CLB team, they will want to know about the new safelist you found, or traffic exchange and of course you keep them up to date whenever you write a new blog post.

There is real value in CLB, and even if it looks like some hard work in the beginning for little or no financial reward, it is satisfying to see your list building week after week and knowing that it will be profitable far into the future.

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