Make the most of your available time

Many Internet Marketers complain that there are just not enough hours in the day even to do what they need to, for keeping their business active, let alone all the extras they would LIKE to do.

I’ve been guilty of this myself the last few months but a little revision of the list of absolute essentials has got me back on track.

One thing I have not kept up is to watch constantly for any new techniques to build my list. As a result, something almost escaped my attention before the owner closed off access to it.

When I did find it, my first thought was to write something about it and I started with my IBO account. Over there we call articles PRs – press releases.  I knew that I wanted to have that information here as well but I didn’t want to duplicate – Google hates that – and I didn’t have the time to craft two totally distinct articles. So what to do. Curate – that’s the name of the game. I’ll explain how I am using the information I found in Alex’s report further down.

Janet and Don Legere do a whole lot of curating. They have several different blogs between them and they like to cross refer. They are co-developers of Curation Soft and Curation Works – two linked software products that help you to cross refer your own work and also refer to other people’s articles.  But you can also do it manually.

What curation basically does is to take the first (or a selected) quote from your target article and quotes it in yours. So, with my IBO article, it might look  like this.

How to get a top marketer’s secrets for free – By Jenny Fletcher

“I see far too many people on IBO who think they can just find a product, promote it directly without doing any listbuilding at all, and mostly they fail miserably. Some jump from product to product hoping to find one that works or others get totally put off Internet Marketing and just are so discouraged, they leave. And another thing, don’t let anyone tell you that they have the ONLY answer to easy listbuilding.”

Of course you want your reader to come back so there needs to be a reason why they should. I gave you the clue that you needed to come back to find out what I am doing with this jewel of listbuilding knowledge I found.

What I discovered about Alex Jeffreys’ Super List product is that I can make money from it by asking to be an affiliate which I have done. That’s only half the story though. Whether people decide to buy the product or not – and it is well worth the few dollars you will pay – I worked out a simple way to get them on to my list anyway.

Just so you don’t have to go back to the IBO article – here is the link to the free report I mentioned in there. You will find the JVZoo link to buy the product inside the report.

So now you know.  If you don’t have a lot of time to write blog posts,  search for something good on your topic,  and build a few good paragraphs around a quote from your chosen article, ensuring that there’s a hook to bring your readers back and that the full article opens on a new window or tab.

And, of course, keep on listbuilding using every technique you can.


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