New Listbuilding resources

 I’m always on the lookout for new places to advertise, such as traffic exchanges and safelists and in the last few weeks I have added a couple of new ones to my promotion  ‘family’.

I am already a member of two of Matthew Graves’ sites, WebBizInsider and SplashpageSurfer so when Janet Legere invited me to join his new site I was very enthusiastic. The thing that stands out for the new site, Instant Profit Mailer is that if you get a referral one of your downline makes a purchase, you are paid instantly via JVZOO, no waiting for weeks. Matthew is in this venture with Tony Brown, another well known contributor to the internet marketing arena.

I can mail every 5 days which is about perfect for doing a little bit of work each day to earn credits. The upgrade is fairly expensive at $15 a month, but with a couple of referrals, could pay for itself. Premium members can mail every 2 days.

For members of Matthew’s other sites, the layout and functionality of the site is familiar, and for the new person it is still very easy to find your way around. Another nice feature is that you don’t have to have your mails coming to your inbox. You can read easily from the site or direct to ViralinBox which I think is also a must have for anyone using safelists. Instant Profit Mailer has free and premium options.


I am gradually transferring all my safelist mail over there. Yes, I could have set up an alternative Gmail address, but I think ViralinBox does it so neatly – you set up a special email address for each safelist which directs your mail from that source to a different folder within ViralinBox.

My other new memberships are in a couple of Traffic Exchanges. No way are Traffic Exchanges ‘dead’ and you can make a nice little extra income from cross promoting your TE’s one from another.

My new TE’s are Hitzza and Fair Trade Traffic. Both have fast viewing and attractive and different graphics. If you are a bit tired of the LFTME formatted TE – hundreds of them around, you will welcome something unusual and different in appearance.

My TE strategy is to have a few ‘core’ programs which I always surf day in and day out, perhaps 25-50 sites a day on each one plus a couple of extras which I change each week. I have already tracked one of my new sign ups back to Hitzza and I have my first referral over there too.

Thanks for reading,  if you haven’t read my other new post yet, please take some time to do so,  I have some important news for all listbuilders over there.

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