Online marketing tools – what’s new?

Like most marketers I am always on the lookout for software, websites, apps and tools that could be of benefit to me in my online business.

There are some that I already have and would not be without – IBO Toolbox is in this category. If you aren’t a member over there, you are really missing a trick. This is the place to help you build a list at no cost and very easily, just by inviting people to be new associates and then to view your business offering.

Here is your invite.

Quite a lot of new associates in IBO ask me for tips how to use it. Kris Karafotas, IBO’s owner runs two webinars each week and the latest is always available here as a YouTube video – Kris always covers the basics and usually a bit more too.
Apart from that, you might like to have the Powerpoint presentation that I did for Contact List Builder colleagues. If you don’t have Powerpoint, there is a player app available or you could just download Open Office which is totally free and does everything the outrageously expensive Microsoft software does.

Latest IBO training YouTube

My Powerpoint presentation

Open Office – free open source office software, word processor, spreadsheets, database, presentation etc.

So, what new goodies have I discovered? Firstly I would like to talk about MLM Gateway. It has some similarities with IBO, in that you can invite people to be associates and write articles about your business but is nowhere near as big yet. What it does have is a rather more personal approach and you can see what your prospective associates are (and are not) interested in before you request. It’s free and very much worthwhile joining.

MLM Gateway

I think most marketers will know about Skype and use it for contact with business associates, family and friends. Now there is a ‘Skype lookalike’ which does pretty well all the same things, but in addition, you get paid to use it! Now that is really cool. You can build groups in the same way as Skype, and I think it is well worth being a member of both. I wouldn’t say it’s the path to making massive profits, your money is coming from embedded advertising, but it is catching on and the more people you bring in, the more your money will grow. It has its own smartphone app, which I think is less ‘clunky’ than the Skype app.

Wowapp invite

Lastly, for this post, there is Easy Downlines. This has a lot in common in some ways with Contact List Builder. Its owner is Paul Kinder which many people will know as a traffic exchange owner. There is lots of training how to use it and the sites in the downline builder are all top picks. In common with CLB is that you invite people who want to build their list, and they join your sites in the downline builder, giving you an income. You don’t have to join everything of course. There is an upgrade path if you wish, but you get a lot of features for free

Easy Downlines

Hope you enjoyed this post – please do stay and look around my blog!


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